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Opening An Online Boutique

My names Rocky Sharpe and I am the owner of Simply Sharpe Boutique. I got my degree in fashion design at FIDM in San Francisco, where I learned everything I needed to know about the fashion industry. I have always wanted to own my own boutique one day and I thought why not do it right now? So, I sat down and starting thinking what should my clothing boutique provide for women? I thought about how the fashion industry is all about fast fashion and trends that come and go. I wanted something more permanent and something that would not go out of style. I researched and noticed a lot of people felt the same way, which is why minimalism and capsule wardrobes are trending right now. I decided my boutique would be about simplicity, (hence the name Simply Sharpe) so I started writing down what essential wardrobe pieces every women should own in their closet and what never goes out of style. I decided I would do basics, but also have a few trending pieces that fit in with the season. What are basics? Basics are the base and core of your wardrobe. They are what you use to build an outfit. For example: You buy a basic white t-shirt from us. You look in your closet and put on a pair of distressed denim jeans, throw on a leather jacket, add a statement necklace, put on a few rings, a pair of heels or sneakers, and a colorful bag. Simply Sharpe Boutique provides you with the basics and then you can add your own style to the outfit from what you already own in your closet.

Also, I added a designer section on my site just for clothing that was designed and sewn by me. They are one of a kind pieces that no one else will own. So, if you're tired of seeing other people wearing the same or similar clothing, just shop from this section on the site and you'll stand apart from everyone else! The picture above is a shirt that I made and is available on the site. I'm hoping to help other designers who are struggling to get their clothing noticed, so if you are a designer of clothing or accessories send us an email and you may be able to sell your stuff on our site! We are a small online boutique, but we pride ourselves in quality over quantity. We also want to give the customers a special experience that they wouldn't have at a large corporate company. We care about how the clothing looks and every detail down to how the packaging is displayed. We hope you enjoy our site and have a fun time shopping with us!


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We are moving our shop!
The new address is: 300 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520. The Grand Opening is on May 18th! You won't be able to shop our website temporarily while we focus on  getting our new location set up! If you see something you like on our socials, reach out to us and we can ship you an item.
Thanks!! :)

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